The Northern Hemisphere year starts in August or September. The Southern Hemisphere year starts in January or February.  You would apply two academic years in advance for the more popular schools.

We are able to connect you with schools in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and U.K., so it is a seamless transition from the initial meeting to your child being placed in the school.

In Australia, there are many choices of schools. They include state schools with minimal fees, independent/private schools.

We would always advise you can consider visiting schools and talking to their registrar or international student admissions officer/manager before making an application.

In recent times, schools have been running information sessions, school tours online as well as virtual tours. Many of these give an idea of what the school is like and the international student programs they offer, the subjects they offer at the school as well as extra-curricular activities. Admissions staff are always more than willing to answer any question you or your child may have.

The Australian School year starts in January. However, for the more popular schools, you should be applying for at least two academic years in advance. For the other schools, you can apply 6 months up to a year in advance. i.e. for those starting in January 2021, can consider applying from January 2020 up to July 2020.

SEA’s readiness assessment has been designed in conjunction with Navigate Counselling to assess student’s English level in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

It is designed by experienced educators in Australian and international education and is a good foundation for those undertaking the AEAS assessment and considering entry to Australian independent/ private schools.

Universities in Australia are well-known around the world.

The Group of 8 are Australia’s leading research universities which include:

  • Australian National University
  • Monash University
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Western Australia

Most international students not possessing a US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand passport are required to meet a minimum English language requirement, this ranges from an IELTS score of 6-8 usually Bachelor courses require a minimum of IELTS 7 across all 4 bands.

The most common courses are:

  • Physiotherapy approx. AUD $55,000 per year
  • Veterinary science approx. AUD $43,000 per year
  • Social work approx. AUD $26,000-$46,000 per year
  • Psychology approx. AUD $35,000 per year
  • Medicine approx. AUD $88,000 per year
  • Law approx. AUD $42,000 per year
  • Health Science approx. AUD $31,000 per year

***note these courses are only valid for 2021 and are subject to change***

At this point in time, the fastest way is to get an 858 Global Talent visa.

This visa is by invitation, and you must have awards in one of the eligible categories i.e., Fintech, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and tourism etc., you must submit an Expression of Interest form first. Only after you receive an invite, can you apply for this visa, once processed this can be done in under one year.

188 investment visas are also relatively fast with an approx. 12–18-month processing period. However, one does have to provide sufficient documents regarding their business or investment and this visa does require State Nomination.

The first question to ask is what occupation you fall under and the second question to answer is what list is your occupation on. It may be Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL), Short term skilled occupation list (STSOL), Medium term Skilled Occupation List (MTSOL).

The next step involves finding a skill authority who will assess your skills and then to determine how many points you have. If you are interested in skill visas 491,189,190 contact us today for us to review your CV and see if you are eligible for these visas. We can help you from reviewing your CV through to visa grant.

The short answer to this is no. If your child is 23 and over, they are no longer part of your family unit for migration purposes.

HKSAR and BNO passport holders are eligible for priority processing. This means once a visa has been submitted, the visa will be processed faster than other passport holders.

No, the student visas (500) are still being issued and covid concessions mean that those recent graduates at this time are able to apply for 485 visas offshore for the additional 5-year visa offer for Hong Kong SAR or BNO passport holders, where one can work in Australia.