Australian Migration & Education- pathways available to Hong Kong Residents

As I stated at the talk held on Tuesday, the Australian government has allowed for various pathways for Hong Kong residents to enter Australia.

These include priority for:

  • 858 Distinguished Talent Visa
  • 188 Investment visa
  • 132 Investment visa
  • 5-year extensions for skilled visas i.e., 482 Temporary Skill Shortage and 457
  • Temporary Skilled visa
  • 5-year extension for those on 500 student visa and Temporary Graduate 485 visa.

The most frequently asked questions at the moment are the following:

Q: Is the 485-pathway going to lead to Permanent Residency?

A: Yes, it has been released in legislation by the Australian government, so this will happen before 2025. However, we don’t know how it will be implemented yet.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Yes, under the age of 50 years old

Q: What course do I have study? Do I have to study the same course I graduated from?

A: Of course, this is up to personal preference, the most important thing to remember is:

a) that you choose a course with a CRICOS code that accepts international students and;
b) that the course is 16 months in duration at a minimum.

If you choose a course that is similar to your previous degree, you maybe eligible for course credit.

Q: Can I work whilst studying?

A: Yes, in Australia as long as you’re only working 40 hours over 2 weeks during course time. There are also provisions for Masters/PHD students and their dependents to work full time.

Q: Can I start a business whilst studying?

A: Whilst you can start a business in Australia, there are a few things to consider:

a) the high tax in Australia;
b) whether you have the approval of the Foreign Investment Board, and;
c) whether you have an Australian resident who can act as a Director for your company.

Q: Why choose Australia over the U.K.?

A: Australia is a multicultural city and is 6-9 hours away from Hong Kong and only 1-3-hour difference on time, while UK would be around 11-13 hours away with 7-8-hour time difference, which could cause inconvenience on communication to relatives and friends in Hong Kong.   Both of them provides world-class education, however, in terms of climate, Eastern Australia cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are definitely enjoying more similar weather and temperature as in Hong Kong.


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